Monday, September 17, 2012

I don't like bad dreams!!

I hate dreams that you have that wake you up startled or nervous or any other bad feeling or emotion that you may experience. You want to wake up and feel refreshed not worried or concerned already! It seems to want to set off your entire day! That is how I woke this morning. And I have not been feeling the greatest during the days either. But I know that the dreams I have or the feelings I have do not define me. God defines who I am and what he has for me in this life! I wish we could live without any cares but we are fallen creatures. We live in a fallen world, there are trials that come. There are concerns of this life but we have a god we can trust and who loves us! We have a hope!!! Thank the lord for that hope. There were days I had no idea how to get through but there was always a hope back in my head that got me through the hard times! The bad dreams or the cares of this works and those bad feelings we get are things we need to hand over to God and let him take control of our minds and our thoughts. Lord be the center of my life my thoughts my dreams and all that we do!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So lately, I have been feeling very inadequacy. I have been feeling like I can't. There is so much more piled up on our plates right now. At times, its hard to think that I actually can. I feel stupid, dumb, and all those negative feelings start to flood in about how I have nothing to offer.... It has been a struggle these past few days to actually think that I can. So I try and just keep those verses like "think on what is lovely, pure, true...." and The stories how God used anyone and it isnt what they could do, but just in them being obedient and willing. That is where my thoughts must be right now. I trust God for not making a mistake when He made me. I trust that God has a plan through all this stuff.... I pray that I will show to be willing to be used, even though I feel so inadequate. I pray that God will give me everything I need as I am feeling like this. I pray for some encouraging people in my life to help bring me up. And when my body feels like it cannot go on, I pray for added, supernatural strength to get me through!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

busy busy busy

Life has been busy.... that is my reason. I have missed getting on here and blogging daily. I would love to but... Life has been busy. I started homeschooling our three school aged kids last week. They seem to be enjoying it, but only one week done, and many more to go. So we shall see what the year brings. You can pray with me about good attitudes, and fun for all! I have also been working in the evenings, and lately had a good amount of hours. I actually gave some away. I have been craving some family time, which has been few and far between. Work has been busy for both of us. I do enjoy my job, and it is fun, but I miss being with my family at night, and cuddling up with my husband just to watch a quick show, or going to bed with him at the same time. So it has its ups and downs..... Praying for things right now! God knows and sees. I just pray for something to happen soon! ministry has been busy and good! God is moving and doing great things. So life is busy!