Tuesday, July 31, 2012

who or what is #1?

What do you value in your life?
I want to write this post because I think that at times our priorities can get out of whack. I think that we need to stop every now and then and really look at our lives and see where our priorities lie, and where they should be and then adjust. I have to say that my priorities have not always been where they need to be. I have put many things above things that should be first. I have to say that some of the things that I have put first in my life are not bad or wrong... but nothing should take top priority over God in our lives. At times I have pushed God and my relationship with Him down. There was a time where he was probably last, and that was my lowest point in life. I had pushed Him so far out of the picture that I was drowning and going deeper into a pit and saw no way out... that is how far I had pushed my relationship with Him down and last. I did realize what I did and put God back on top in my life, but when God was not first, I felt alone, and lost, and in despair. Things happened that keep pushing me down, and then I was stuck all on my own to try and climb back up out of this pit of despair. But when God was number one again, I leaned on Him and reached my hand to Him, and asked Him for help, and He pulled me out. I have not been in that place and I never want to get back to that place. I know that God is in control and that He can make things work out for good, but there was a time that I had forgotten that this life is not my own, and He does love us and care for us to help us through all the hard times. When I fixed my priorities and put God first, I had a peace, again. I was happy again, and I knew that whatever happened to me is fine as long as I serve Him and am obedient to Him, I am fine and everything will turn out fine in the end. Putting God back to the top of my life was the best thing I did again. I always believed, but at times satan likes to take the circumstances of life to cloud what this life really is about. It isn't about you, it isn't about me, it isn't about that relationship that seems to be falling apart, it isn't about that bad test that you failed and don't know what college will take you, it isn't about the kids driving you crazy and you don't know what to do, its all about HIM and what HE wants you to do, and about Him forgiving and loving and showing grace. Its about telling people about Him and His love and showing it through our everyday lives! Life may seem crazy and out of whack at times, but God's got your back, it will turn out fine, just keep HIM number one in your life and you will get through even stronger, and even better on the other side! Keep on keeping on!! and keep him FIRST! Everything else falls into place when God is #1!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sometimes we just need to trust. Trust God that He knows what He is doing. Trust that His ways are greater and higher than ours. Trust that His ways are better. Trust that He loves us. Trust that He will take care of us. Trust that if we follow after Him and His ways that He will make everything beautiful in His time. Trust that as we do His will He will never steer us wrong. Sometimes in life it is hard to lay ourselves and our thoughts aside to focus on God and His will for us. Sometimes it is hard to turn all trust over to Him when we just want to grab a hold of it and take the reins and try OUR hardest to do it OUR way. We are humans and we are far from perfect, and perfection is definitely something that we will never obtain..... Only God is perfect, and only He can line up everything and turn things around and make it good. Even when bad things happen only God can make good come out of it. I remember many times when we have tried to do things on our own and tried and tried, and failed.... And I remember when we turned it over to God and stopped worrying and let God turn it into something good, and it all worked out better than I could have ever planned.... We serve a good God, one who is alive, and loves us. A God who wants to see good things happen and not bad. A God who wants to turn your bad situations into a good outcome! Sometimes we just need to stop worrying and just trust in the God who loves us and knows what is best for His children!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

just a thought,,,

The Bible says "bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2.
I am sure there are other verses that say to help one another, but This one specifically says this. I like how the message puts it. 1-3 "Live creatively, friends. If someone falls into sin, forgivingly restore him, saving your critical comments for yourself. You might be needing forgiveness before the day's out. Stoop down and reach out to those who are oppressed. Share their burdens, and so complete Christ's law. If you think you are too good for that, you are badly deceived."
I find this a very important verse, but so many times we as brothers and sisters in Christ suffer alone. We feel we cannot tell someone what we are going through. We feel there is no one who will pray without making it a public prayer request. There needs to be a change in this. So many church meetings have become social gatherings and don't help with the true needs of people, and some are disguised as prayer meeting but are actually gossip sessions. When people are going through things there should be people around them to lift them up and encourage them and be able to keep things to themselves and pray rather than gossiping about it behind someone's back. True love and true brotherly Christianity is being there to help bear one another's burdens, so that we can fulfill God's law. I like the way the message puts it because it says "saving the critical comments for yourself." There are too many times that we are too critical on the way someone else is living or doing things, we need to know that what God has and is doing in them is different from what God is doing in us. Also we need to realize that we might be at different stages in our relationship with Christ and sometimes we need an ear to listen and to help guide rather than to judge and condemn. We need to be "slow to speak and quick to listen". There are too many who are suffering alone afraid to say anything to anyone of what they might be going through, because they just don't think that their brother or sister in Christ will keep it confidential! please! I ask you all to take this verse to heart and to start being a trusting Christian friend who will help and be able to keep a confidence between you and your Christian brother or sister. 
Now, yes, there are times or instances that you do need to say something because its against the law but most of the times, it is a struggle they are going through or a trial that just needs some prayer, but please lovingly help your brother or sister in Christ. Please, be a trustworthy friend, we need to be there to help one another through the rough patches of life. We need to help them through to the other side of a storm, maybe. Be a confidential and trusting person who they know will be there, will listen, who will offer wise words of hope and peace and who will PRAY!!! Someone they know will be there and wont gossip their business to everyone! We need this for ourselves and we need to be this for others. We are here to encourage and uplift, not to gossip, spread rumors and hurt. Just my thought after seeing this verse posted on facebook! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I cannot seem to wake today. I am extra tired and don't know why!? But anyways... It will be a good day today! I am excited and looking forward to some good fellowship with some great people! I have been trying to start a book that looked interesting, I am finally a couple pages in and I am sure it will not disappoint! God is doing some great things and I am excited to be starting this next chapter. God has been showing me so much and teaching me a lot. I want my life to always point to Him. No matter what I do, I want it to be a testimony of His love! I don't want to compromise, I want my life to be an example of Him. A life that in the end I will hear my Savior say "well done Good and faithful servant!" When I wake I want my first thoughts to be of Him, and when I go to bed at night, I want to be praising Him for all He has done in that day!
Some times it can be hard to stay focused on what this life is really about, but if you stay in the word, God will show you and teach you the things you need to know, and He will guide you the way you should go!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keep hold of the faith!

"Faith is letting go of everything in us and trusting everything in Jesus". This quote has been something that we have had to do for a while now in one area. Sometimes in life, you know what you should and need to do and do it! We need to work, and we know that, so that we can live and pay our bills. So that is what we have been doing. With my husband starting a business and doing ministry, our faith that God will provide and we will get through has been something that we have needed to do! Stretching our faith and letting God work it out isn't always easy, but when things start coming through because you kept going and you stayed in faith, is the biggest reward. I praise the Lord for all He is doing right now!! He is working and making things happen. We will make it! God has an amazing future for us and I know and stand in faith that we are seeing a turnaround in areas! We will have faith that God will bring the jobs that are needed. Ministry is going great and being faithful to the end is what is important. Staying in faith and staying obedient! Giving up is not an option and we will trust our God in all things! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

disturbing truths

I have to say that I read a really good and disturbing article today. It was good because I didn't know this was happening in this area. I knew that the attendance of church has been at a low, but in this one particular denomination the churches are running to get out. Why is that?? I have to say that at times, maybe I have not had that huge faith that at times, I have messed up, but my core beliefs have never been shook! I know and believe what I know and believe. I  may not have everyone agree with me on certain issues, but I don't waver on the core doctrines and I hope and pray that people respect me and what I believe and that I am not willing to give up my beliefs just because they are not "in". I follow after God and believe the Bible to be true. That has always been where I stood! Now, I am not just talking about those "taboo" issues that are so hot to be discussed and argued in today's society, I am also talking about those issues that are the MAIN building blocks of the Christian faith!
As Christians we need to know what we believe and never let go of that. God will continue to bless us for our faithfulness even though the world around us is changing and allowing more. God's word is truth! We need to stand on it and have faith that our God is who He says He is and know that God will never leave us nor forsake us! We need to always remember what HE came to this earth to accomplish so long ago! He came to give us life! He came to show us His unending love! We need to know what we believe and stand on the truth. There are denominations that are melting before our eyes. WHY?? They have forgotten their first love. They have forgotten the truth which they were built upon. They are allowing things to go on and different things to be taught and believed than what the Bible says and teaches.
 I know as a minister (my husband and I are both ordained ministers) this is hard to watch happen. There are some who want to stand in the truth when there is so much going on around which does not point to the truth.
There has been something that has been on my heart and that is the idea of holiness. The word says to "be ye holy as I am holy". Those are pretty big shoes to fill! We in and of ourselves cannot be holy. We are holy because of what God did for us on the cross, but we also have to try and change the way we live and not keep doing the same things that kept us bondage and in sin. We need to also make the neccissary changes to follow hard after God and do the best that we can to be "blameless in His sight". How can we ever do this if we are changing our doctrines left and right to fit our needs and the needs of this world. The world doesn't need another flip floppy church. The world needs the truth! As a minister you are held with very HIGH and GREAT responsibility! We are responsible to preaching the truth and we will be judged by how many we caused to fall away and for what we teach and if it was TRUTH!!! The word says "but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea". Matthew 18:6. 

WOW those are tough words! but it is truth! We need to be careful what we teach and preach and part of that comes from people watching and how we live out our lives as well! We need to practice what we preach! We need to keep ourselves in the word which is the truth! The word is life to all who read it! We need to also practice what we preach and not just say it and then live a different way. We need to uphold to standards of holiness and not just pick and choose the verses we want to live by!!! 
You know.... we sing those nice songs about "holiness, holiness, is what I long for, holiness is what I need" but do we really know what we are singing?? 

Friday, July 6, 2012

going to be helping the hubby today with work. Its a hot one and I am glad to help, but I am going to sweat a lot I am sure, hopefully burn off some weight in the process! it will be good to be able to help him and work next to him today. He is a tough one to work for so wish me luck haha jk ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

9 years and counting!!!

I have been MIA! I am sorry for the lack of contact/ writings. Life has a way of getting busy all at once. With it being summer vacation as well, it is a bit busier than normal around here with the kids. Although it should be getting a bit less busy since baseball is almost over! It was a good experience for the boys, but they are ready for it to be done. They really want to do karate. We shall see.....
So I really wanted to take time today and write because it is my husband and my anniversary today. It was 9 years ago about right now that we became husband and wife. (by the time this blog is done it will be 9 years ago that we were taking pics as husband and wife ;) I can  remember certain things about the day, but other things you really just don't remember since it is a blur of activities. Since that day life has been filled with its ups and downs. We have had good times, and hard times, and it seems like at times the good is blurred by the not so good. Our 9 years has been filled with so much. We moved a lot since we are in ministry (just about every 2 years we were packing and moving again). And it seemed like every time we moved we added another kid (we are set with the ones we have so no additional moves will add any more kids). I remember the different jobs we have had, I remember the different things that have come up. I have to say that even though there has been a lot of things that happened I have not once stopped and ever regret loving and marrying my husband. Each new circumstance teaches us things that we need to learn. If it wasn't for all that we went through we would know very little about life. If it wasn't for all that we went through, we would not be able to help as many. Each time we thought we wouldn't make it, we did! God's grace and mercy pulled us through and we made it each time. God has been good to us these past 9 years, and even though we feel there is much to cloud the good, God uses all that happens to make something beautiful and usable! We are the work of art in the creator's hands! He molds us and shapes us and makes us beautiful in His time! Things are looking up, and I am at a peace and have a peace about what God is doing. I may not see everything that He is doing, but I trust and know that God is breaking through to make amazing things happen. We will see in time what all this has been for. We will see in time what He is doing and why it has been important for us to hold on and never let go!! God is moving and He is using us! I am so excited for the next 80 years with the  love of my life!!! He is such a talented man! He is an amazing preacher, and there is so much that God wants to do with and through him and his life!!! I am the blessed woman who gets to see it all happen! I love him so much and just want to make him happy. Through it all God has been good and will continue to do good things. He is breaking through in our lives and I know great things are coming!!! Our kids are growing and learning and it is excited to see. Remember "our verse" from dating! Well, I am pretty sure that it happened ;)