Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time and time again I am just reminded of God's pure love and grace! Sin, just one little thing that creeps in, can take hold and be like a bomb to your heart! It can explode from something little to something that destroys! It longs to take a hold of your heart and rip it apart! BUT God is there to love you, show His grace and mercy! He takes that mess and cleans it up and makes something clean and new and beautiful out of it! God is love! and He desires to love you and for you to let Him love you! he wants to clean up your mess, and turn it into a great message of HOPE! Love! Forgiveness! Tonight God has just been loving on me! Showing me that nothing that is in my past and nothing that is in my future can take away His love that He wants to give me! It is nothing that we have done that would make us eligible of such a great love! But it is ALL about what HE did for us!!!!! I cannot earn this love, but I can accept it with open arms and arms of submission raised to HIM! I am so grateful for the love that God has always showed me, even when I felt so undeserving, HE LOVED ME! Thank you Lord for that love!!!!
I have this longing and desire in me to do all what God wants! I want my whole life to revolve around HIM! This life is all about HIM! and I want that to show in my life, and through my words and actions! I am ready for ALL God has!

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