Wednesday, January 2, 2013

reflections......Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

As I reflect about the past few years, I have to say that at times I have gotten off track. Have I totally strayed away from God and totally denied Him or who He is? NO!!! But There were times where I should have guarded my walk with God so much more! The Bible says to "guard your heart". I look back and see why this is such an important aspect of our walk with God. It is just like guarding our hearts in any other relationship that we are in. We need to keep check on it so that we are not straying from our first love: Jesus!  The past couple years I just feel like I slid through or slid by. I read here and there, I prayed often though. I was in constant contact with God this past year. I really felt that getting a good prayer life this year was something I needed to do! I have to say that I could have been more disciplined in other areas though. 2012 I slid though, but in 2013 I want to THRIVE! I want my relationship with God to be my main focus! I want to never give up and I want to run forward with all I have in me to do all that God has for me to do!!

I have to say that there were a couple of things that stand out to me as a couple great things that God did  this year. The first thing that happened this past year that really stood out was our church LWMC merged with Christian Center. This was such a GOD thing! Just seeing how God lined up our churches and really merged us as one body was an amazing thing to see. Sometimes churches merging isn't taken as a good thing, but when God is in the middle of it and directing the entire thing it is an amazing thing! The two church became one on fathers day in 2012 and it has been the most wonderful thing! I love our "old"church people (people from LWMC), and we LOVE the new church people (people from Christian Center). AND we love the unity and the "oneness" that God has made! God is amazing!

The second thing that happened in 2012 that was amazing was God bringing spiritual parents into our lives! You know, we always knew that we wanted spiritual parents, and we always knew that it was good to have but we never really found true spiritual parents to help us along, pour into us, or gain wisdom from.... It wasn't till we met Pastor and Jane  and that changed! The love that they have! The passion to see people who are called used and grow... I have never seen more  invested people. I have to say that I am so blessed to have them! I have learned so much from them this past year and I continue to gain wisdom and knowledge from them as we are connected and as we spend time with them! They are led by God and they have 50 years of experience behind them, and that is an amazing thing to be able to pass on! I pray that God would  just bless them this year in such a great way for all they have given and done for so many including us! God knows what we need, He knows the desires and He provides! God knew we needed these two amazing people, and He knew that we desired wonderful spiritual parents and He provided the best! I love these two people and know that God has a reason and a plan that we cannot even imagine! I am excited for a new year. I am excited for all that God has, and I am excited to focus on God this year!
This year I resolve that I am going to live a more disciplined life in every area, that I am going to not give up but run toward what God has for  me, I am going to guard my heart and my relationship with God closely so that I wont let it become mundane  or average... that I will live a life on purpose and not happenstance. That everyday I will wake and want to know how I can serve God TODAY! 

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