Wednesday, January 16, 2013

what are you searching for?

We are all traveling through life searching for something. For some, its the meaning of life; why are we here?? Some are searching for themselves, and where they belong in this life. Some are searching for fame, and the need for others to know who they are. Some are searching for money and the "stuff" of life. Some are searching for something, but truly are not sure what they are really searching for! Our focus and what our hearts desire, will determine what we are searching for. What is your focus on? I have had my focus wrong before, and so I was searching for things in life that didn't matter or that would keep my eyes off God. This is a dangerous place to be. at times we don't know that our focus is off, since we are focusing on "good" things in life like family, love, kids, husbands, job, etc. These things are not bad things, but if they take our focus off God, they can be wrong. Our main focus in life is GOD! Our relationship with HIM! If you look at the story of babel  we can see that their focus was wrong. They were searching for power, they were searching for things that you see with your eyes. They thought they could get as high as God by making this tower. We get caught up in ourselves and forget about what the TRUTH is about this life!!! we need to keep our focus on HIM! we need to keep the walls that can easily be built up, down! Things of this life can easily start building up a wall around our hearts till we are so off focus that its hard to remember what we are here for, and what GOD's will is for our life! We need to let God soften our hearts so that the Holy Spirit can tear those walls down and make them crumble!

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