Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Think of what the garden would have looked like. NOW think about what it would have looked like from a spiritual perspective. If you could SEE the garden and what it would have looked like spiritually I picture it as WHITE! PURE WHITE! No spot, no blemish, sin had not entered the world, it was pure! 

yet, there in the middle of the garden, was that one tree. It looked good, and the food was so pleasing to the eye that it was hard to resist. It was bright and drew attention, but told not to touch, until the tempter came. I see this as temptation in our lives as well. 

One bite and sin entered the world. The spotless world that we knew had just had sin enter it. Sin starts to slowly take over. The temptation that you just thought looked so good has now become poison to your world! Everything seems upside down, and you cannot take it back; what was done, is done. 
Your hands are now stained and you are guilty. I think that this picture below really shows, I feel, what adam and eve would have felt: guilt. Their hands are dirty and now they feel the weight of that sin. They feel ashamed and dirty and needed to hide! 
The things that had worth and beauty once are tanted. I feel the picture below really shows me maybe what God was feeling. That beautiful creation that God made, had become dirty and sinful. The creation that He created perfectly was now tainted by a reality of sin. 
It flows and covers that creation. Spiritually I think that when sin entered the world that the above picture is what would have been seen. The pure creation, the pure heart that did not know sin, was slowly being tainted and colored by this black, dark paint. It was like an explosion to the soul, the pureness was tainted. sin had entered. 
sin slowly invades and then can blow up in an instant and we are left with the peices. Shattered peices of our hearts. I am sure that Adam and Eve's whole world knocked over and was turned upside down, especially when they were banned from the beautiful garden they once knew and once called home. 

Sin can leave anyone feeling alone, and broken and dirty! The pureness that once was known is now a foreign thing. The fellowship that once was had with the almighty God has now been broken. Now what?  That is the question.... 

Our sin should have left us here.... broken, alone, death.... BUT!!! 
Jesus came! He took our place! IT IS FINISHED! He saved us from our own sin! His love was greater than our sin! Our filth became His and HE bore it on the cross for US! PRAISE THE LORD!!! He erased all the filth and sin! and reset our hearts! Now when God sees us He sees that white room because of what Jesus did! When God sees our hearts it isn't black with sin, but it is covered and is pure white again!

Pictures from the music video "bombs away" by jonathan thulin and rachel lampa!
Amazing video it touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you. Here is where you can watch it

I hope it touches you as well! Be blessed today!

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